GRI Content Index

The disclosures published on Resolute Forest Products’ website and the associated content index have been prepared in accordance with the G4 sustainability reporting procedures defined by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our reporting corresponds to the ‘Core’ level in the G4 reporting standards, which includes the required general standard disclosures, as well as generic management disclosures and at least one indicator related to each material aspect.

The following index shows where information can be found on this website and in other public documents.

GRI Indicators   Location of Reference
Strategy and Analysis
G4-1 Statement from the senior decision maker on the relevance of sustainability 2017 Annual Report
pgs. 4-6
G4-2 Description of key impacts, risks and opportunities
Organizational Profile
G4-3 Name of the organization 2017 Form 10-K 
inside front cover
G4-4 Primary brands, products and services 2017 Annual Report 
pgs. 12-17
G4-5 Location of the organization's headquarters 2017 Annual Report 
inside back cover
G4-6 Number of countries where the organization operates 2017 Annual Report 
pg. 4
G4-7 Nature of ownership and legal form 2017 Form 10-K
title page
G4-8 Markets served Fast Facts 
G4-9 Scale of the organization 2017 Annual Report
pgs. 4, 8, 10, 11
G4-10 Workforce demographics
G4-11 Coverage of collective bargaining agreements
G4-12 Organization's supply chain
G4-13 Significant changes during the reporting period 2017 Annual Report 
pgs. 4-6
Commitments to External Initiatives  
G4-14 Addressing the precautionary approach or principle
G4-15 External economic, environmental and social charters to which the organization subscribes
G4-16 Memberships in associations and/or national or international advocacy organizations
Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries  
G4-17 Entities included in the organization's financial statements 2017 Form 10-K
pgs. 4-6
G4-18 Process for defining report content and aspect boundaries
G4-19 Material aspects identified in the process for defining report content
G4-20 Aspect boundaries within the organization
General boundaries: Reporting Sustainability
G4-21 Aspect boundaries outside of the organization
General boundaries: Reporting Sustainability
Also described as part of aspect-specific disclosures on management approach on associated pages
G4-22 Effect of restatements of information provided in previous reports Some of the data contained in this section of the website may be slightly different than previously reported information. This is due to adjustments resulting from data verification and our efforts to standardize sustainability performance data collection and reporting across all of our operations. 
G4-23 Significant changes from previous reporting periods in the scope and aspect boundaries
Stakeholder Engagement
G4-24 List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization
G4-25 Basis for the identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage
G4-26 Organization's approach to stakeholder engagement
G4-27 Key topics and concerns raised through stakeholder engagement and how the organization has responded to those
Report Profile
G4-28 Reporting period
G4-29 Date of most recent previous report
October 27, 2015 
G4-30 Reporting cycle Every two years
G4-31 Contact point for questions regarding the report or its contents [email protected]  
G4-32 In accordance option, location of GRI Content Index and assurance report
G4-33 Policy and current practice with regard to seeking external assurance
G4-34 Governance structure of the organization, including committees of the highest governance body
Ethics and Integrity
G4-56 Organization's values, principles, standards and norms of behavior such as codes of conduct and codes of ethics
Economic Performance
Disclosure on Management Approach
EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed
EC3 Coverage of the organization's defined benefit plan obligations
Market Presence
Disclosure on Management Approach
EC8 Significant indirect economic impacts, including the extent of impacts
Disclosure on Management Approach
EN1 Materials used by weight or volume
EN2 Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials
Disclosure on Management Approach
EN3 Energy consumption within the organization
Disclosure on Management Approach
EN8 Total water withdrawal by source
Over 99% of water withdrawn in 2015 and 2016 was surface water.
Disclosure on Management Approach
EN11 Operational sites owned, leased, managed in or adjacent to protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value outside of protected areas
Disclosure on Management Approach
EN15 Direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1)
EN16 Energy indirect greenhouse gas emissions (scope 2)
EN17 Other indirect greenhouse gas emissions (scope 3)
Disclosure available in our 2015 and 2016 CDP reports 
Carbon Footprint
EN21 NOx, SOx and other significant air emissions
Effluents and Waste
Disclosure on Management Approach
EN22 Total water discharge by quality and destination
EN23 Total weight of waste by type and disposal method
EN24 Total number and volume of significant spills
Disclosure on Management Approach
Environmental incidents:
Regulatory infractions:
EN29 Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations
Environmental incidents:
Regulatory infractions:
Disclosure on Management Approach
LA1 Total number and rates of new employee hires and employee turnover by age group, gender and region
Labor/Management Relations
Disclosure on Management Approach
LA4 Minimum notice periods regarding operational changes, including whether these are specified in collective agreements
Occupational Health and Safety
Disclosure on Management Approach
LA6 Type of injury and rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days and absenteeism, and total number of work-related fatalities, by region and by gender
Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Disclosure on Management Approach
LA12 Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees per employee category according to gender, age group, minority group members and other indicators of diversity
Indigenous Rights
Disclosure on Management Approach
HR8 Total number of incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous peoples and actions taken
Local Communities
Disclosure on Management Approach
SO1 Percentage of operations with implemented local community engagement, impact assessments and development programs