Engaging in Dialogue

Resolute Forest Products is committed to building solid relationships with a broad range of stakeholders by maintaining ongoing outreach and developing strategic partnerships through a variety of formal and informal channels.

Our focus is on ensuring we have a Resolute voice in public policy discussions that impact company operations and employees, as well as engaging and supporting our operating communities and partners across North America. We are also committed to maintaining best-in-class participation in the Resolute political action committee (PAC) at the operations level in the United States.

Stakeholder Engagement

Communication is essential for building trust and securing collaboration. Open, honest conversations about environmental, social and economic issues facing the forest products industry are important. We also understand the importance of stakeholder input in improving our governance structures.

Through a variety of forums, members of each operation’s management team meet regularly with a range of interested parties, from Indigenous communities, governments, business partners and chambers of commerce to environmental organizations, educational institutions, representatives from other industries and retirees. Topics might include energy conservation, new projects and investments, noise control, and engagement takes place through our information-sharing groups, round tables and town halls, to name a few.

In addition to social media platforms, we monitor our stakeholders’ concerns on an ongoing basis, including a shared priorities assessment we undertake every two to three years in line with internationally recognized standards. Please see our Shared Priorities page for more information. 

Community Engagement Tracking Initiative

We continue to work on institutionalizing outreach across the company, promoting open discussions and collaboration with all of our stakeholders. Our tracking initiative was launched in January 2017 to report more detailed quantitative information on outreach in our operating communities, including volunteer activities, charitable contributions, stakeholder engagement and other activities. In 2022, 100% of our operations reported on their community engagement activities. We also track the monthly reporting rate of our operations’ outreach activities in order to enhance local engagement with external stakeholders on a continuous basis.

Community Engagement

Public Participation in Forest Management Planning

Public participation is a critical part of the forest management planning process. As required by provincial legislation, Resolute prepares forest management plans for our woodlands operations. These forest lands – located primarily in Canada – are governed by forest management or timber supply agreements that include public consultation processes and regular audits by the government. We revise these plans every five years and encourage local community groups, individuals and Indigenous communities to participate in the consultation processs.

The forest management plans for the woodlands we manage in Canada, which include our forest management policies and details about the public participation process, are available online. More information is available on the websites of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. In Quebec, the primary responsibility for forest management planning lies with the provincial government, which is also responsible for the public participation process. 

We also encourage you to contact our forestry specialists, listed on each of the woodlands operations pages, or [email protected] for general inquires.