• Specialty Papers

    From the bestseller you just can’t put down to the magazines on your coffee table and the flyers in your mailbox, our specialty papers make a great impression.

    • 6 facilities
    • 1.2 million short tons of capacity (1.1 million metric tons)
    • #1 producer of uncoated mechanical papers in North America

    Exceptional Value Proposition

    Resolute Forest Products sells a wide spectrum of coated and uncoated mechanical papers, including uncoated freesheet grades, to major commercial printers, direct mailers, publishers, catalogers and retailers, mostly in North America.

    We have a total annual production capacity of approximately 1.2 million short tons (1.1 million metric tons) of specialty papers across six operations. Resolute is the largest producer of uncoated mechanical papers in North America, with 22% of capacity, and the third largest producer of coated mechanical papers, with 14% of North American capacity.

    We focus on meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers by offering quality, cost-effective solutions for every application – backed by excellent customer service.

    End-uses: magazines, catalogs, bags, retail inserts, flyers, instruction manuals, books

  • Speciality Paper Operations