• Newsprint

    Our newsprint makes the front pages of the world’s top newspapers every day. But there’s more to the story. Through inserts, flyers, circulars and other print products, we also help advertisers connect with consumers.

    • Customers in over 50 countries
    • 8 facilities*
    • 1.8 million metric tons of capacity*
    • #1 newsprint producer in the world

    Carrying the Day’s Headlines

    Resolute Forest Products is the largest global producer of newsprint. With eight mills strategically located to serve major markets throughout North America and abroad, we supply customers in over 50 countries. We sell newsprint to commercial printers in North America and to newspaper publishers around the globe.

    Our annual production capacity is approximately 1.8 million metric tons, representing about 8% of worldwide capacity and 43% of North American capacity.

    * Excluding Thorold (Ontario) mill, indefinitely idled on March 10, 2017.

    End-uses: newspapers, advertising inserts, flyers, brochures, circulars, telephone directories and commercial guides