Awards and Recognition

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APA – The Engineered Wood Association Safety and Health Awards
Wood products facilities rewarded for world-class safety standards
Our Resolute-LP Larouche and Saint-Prime (Quebec) joint-venture engineered wood facilities picked up prestigious 2014 safety and health awards from APA–The Engineered Wood Association in recognition of their excellent safety records as well as commitment to maintaining an injury-free workplace and respecting world-class safety standards. The APA Safety and Health awards are based on lowest injury rates and severity, greatest improvement in reducing injuries, innovations to reduce injuries, and best company record.
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Closing the Loop Awards
Menominee mill recognized for recycling leadership
Resolute’s recycled bleached kraft (RBK) pulp mill in Menominee (Michigan) received a Closing the Loop award at the state’s first Governor’s Recycling Summit in May 2015, in recognition of its support of recycling. The Menominee facility uses wastepaper that is diverted from landfills to produce affordable, high-quality products. The Closing the Loop award was created by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Michigan Recycling Coalition to recognize individuals or groups that: design products to be recyclable; purchase and use products made of recycled content; or create and manufacture recycled-content products.
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Resolute earns immigrant-friendly designation
In April 2015, Resolute’s paper mill in Amos (Quebec) received the Certification-Ethno designation for its work in integrating immigrant employees. During the year, the team at the facility welcomed five new managers and professionals who immigrated from Senegal, Cameroon, Cambodia and Thailand. In addition to receiving professional training and skill development, the new employees were provided support that included language courses and assistance in finding places to live. The Certification-Ethno designation was created by the community-based Mosaïque interculturelle régionale to recognize companies that recruit immigrant workers in the province’s Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.
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The New Economy Magazine Clean Tech Awards
Best Forestry and Paper Solutions

In December 2014, Resolute was presented with The New Economy magazine’s Clean Tech award in the best forestry and paper solutions category. Resolute’s achievements in this area include a 65%1 reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2015; third-party, chain-of-custody fiber-tracking systems at all of our facilities in Canada and the United States; and partnerships with local Aboriginal communities. The New Economy Awards honor companies around the world whose ideas, achievements, projects and solutions reflect innovation and R&D, long-term vision and leadership.
1 At the end of 2014, our reduction had reached an impressive 70%.

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Canada’s Clean50
Resolute President and CEO Richard Garneau honored by Canada’s Clean50
Richard Garneau, president and chief executive officer of Resolute, was named as a 2015 honoree by Canada’s Clean50 in September 2014. This designation is an important endorsement of Resolute's business and sustainability strategies, which are directly linked and interdependent. The company’s major sustainability achievements include investments in conservation measures and fuel switching, as well as leadership in sustainable forest management and engaging with communities and First Nations. Canada’s Clean50 recognizes Canada’s leaders for their contributions to sustainable development or “clean capitalism” in Canada.