Human Resources

Resolute Forest Products’ long-term competitiveness is tied to the ability to recruit, develop and retain top-quality employees with the right skills. We are committed to implementing new human resource practices to retain employees and renew our workforce. We are building a strong corporate culture that attracts results-driven and action-oriented employees and allows natural leaders to grow. 

2016 Highlights

  • Hired 1,109 new employees, with an additional 2,000 expected by 2019
  • Used our social media, including The Resolute Blog, to promote the professional development of our graduate engineers and others
  • Participated in career days and other events hosted by colleges and universities to maintain a recruiting presence in all our operating communities
  • Since creation of company's engineering graduate program in 2013, hired 63 engineering graduates to work in our network of facilities
  • Renewed or entered into a number of agreements with unions, covering approximately 1,300 employees, primarily in our sawmills and woodlands in Canada 

Renewal Strategy

We believe that our employees are an important factor in our success and that our organization is bettered through investing in the recruitment of new talent and developing the competencies of our people. Over the next few years, many of our long-term workers will be taking a well-deserved retirement, and we will need to attract skilled candidates who are motivated and eager to learn. To rise to this challenge, we have built a workplace where our employees can learn, grow and contribute. 

In addition to participating in career days, open house events at schools and other community activities, we ramped up our efforts to recruit skilled employees in a more targeted way.

We also sought to involve our current employees in our recruitment efforts by developing a referral program. The Employee Referral Program is designed to attract quality candidates, increase our overall speed of recruitment, and improve our hiring success rates.

For more information on how Resolute measures and reports on employee hires and turnover, visit the Key Performance Indicators page. 

Retaining Motivated Employees

While recruitment is important, we are equally committed to ensuring that our current employees are consistently motivated and engaged. Our human resource teams work hard to promote individual professional development goals, support sharing of knowledge and resources across the company, and create opportunities for growth and learning wherever possible.

Ethics and Integrity Codes

For companies like Resolute that are traded on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges (NYSE and TSX), ethics and integrity codes are considered best practices and included in governance-based ranking systems. A robust enforcement system and clear policies are considered indicative of better corporate governance overall. 

In addition, internal factors drive Resolute to maintain rigorous policies related to ethics and business conduct, including a Code of Business Conduct, an Ethics Reporting Policy and an independent ethics reporting hotline/helpline. The board of directors reviews these and other internal policies on an annual basis, following an initial review conducted by the managers responsible for each, which keeps the policies relevant and in line with market trends, legal requirements and investor preferences. Resolute’s board of directors' Human Resources and Compensation/Nominating and Governance Committee is ultimately responsible for maintaining ethics and integrity codes and determining (in accordance with management’s recommendations) when and how such policies should be updated. Market best practices, regulatory compliance, internal audits, report transparency and year-to-year performance are considered during the policy review and update process. 

The Code of Business Conduct also provides an important framework that ties in many other policies and implementation mechanisms related to various laws (anti-corruption, anti-bribery, harassment-free workplace) and ensures compliance in environmental reporting, legal compliance and ethics reporting. 

Resolute’s employees, officers and directors are required to report financial or accounting irregularities, as well as other suspected wrongdoings, to raise any other ethics or compliance concerns or questions they may have, and to proactively seek guidance on actions with potential ethical implications. Resolute uses a team of internal experts to look into each reported potential violation. All employees are trained on the requirements of the company’s Code of Business Conduct and the Ethics Reporting Policy. 

Internal audits are conducted regularly to enforce compliance with the procedures adopted in accordance with the Code of Business Conduct, and material findings are reported to management and the board of directors.