Conservation and Biodiversity

As a company operating in the natural resources sector, we have an impact on the natural landscape through our harvesting, site preparation and tree planting activities. Some of our forest management activities may occur in areas adjacent to protected areas or in areas with significant biodiversity value.

Considerations for the protection of biodiversity are an important component of sustainable forest management (SFM) standards. Forest certification audit reports for each of our woodlands operations are available on the certification standards' websites.

In addition, each woodlands operation maintains species-at-risk lists to support legislated forest management plans and applicable forest certification requirements. As species listings change periodically with the availability of new information, lists are maintained on databases that remain current, credible and auditable. Resolute currently manages woodlands that provide homes to approximately 70 plant and animal species that appear on state or provincial, national and international species-at-risk or threatened species lists.

Protecting, Managing and Renewing the Forest

All of the initiatives and actions we undertake build from our core commitment to protect, manage and renew the forest through responsible management. This recognizes that it is possible to carefully harvest trees while maintaining biodiversity and protecting the forest values we all respect.

For example:

  • Resolute actively protects biodiversity and species at risk by identifying and maintaining a proportion of over-mature stands in the forests we manage.
  • The Company participates in woodland caribou research and recovery plans and ensures forest health, including regeneration after harvest.
  • We protect watersheds, water resources, and the fish and wildlife that depend on them.
  • We also partner in government and private sector research to improve forest management.